June 23, 2020

Indian Soldier Injured in Galwan: Photos From a 2016 Blog Being Shared

Fake Side:

A photo of a man with a scarred and an injured back, and a bandaged arm is being fshared to claim that this is a soldier of the Indian Army who was injured in the recent violent face-off between the troops of India and China at the Galwan Valley on 15 June.

Link to the Facebook post

Yet another post on Twitter combined the photo of the alleged soldier with a photo of a rod fitted with nails that has been doing the rounds on the internet as that used by Chinese soldiers in the clash and insinuated that the man’s injuries were a result of this makeshift weapon.

True Side:

This is at least a four-year-old photo which is unrelated to the Indian Army. The same photo is visible on various blogs in languages like Indonesian, Thai and Malay, one of which said that this was the result of one of the strength training exercises done by Thai soldiers in a special combat unit.

One of such blogs has been translated to English and shown below.

Link to the translated site

The fact that the photos existed in 2016 makes it evident that it is not related to the recent face-off. Clearly, this photo has nothing to do with a soldier of the Indian Army who survived the Galwan Valley clash.

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