April 28, 2020

Lemon Infused water as a remedy for Corona Virus

Fake Side

A viral message claiming to be from a certain Laila Ahmadi from China, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Zanjan University advises the use of Vitamin C “as much as possible” for the novel coronavirus. It also claims that a certain Professor Chen Horin, CEO of the Beijing Military Hospital, said, “Slices of lemon in a cup of lukewarm water can save your life.”

True Side

This viral message is a combination of an old post about lemons attributed to Professor Chen and a new piece of misinformation attributed to Laila Ahmadi. All characters were found to be fictitious, while the real names, images and videos attributed to Ahmadi and Chen were found to be of people from different unrelated places, without any expertise to comment on the subject.

The theory is that alkalinizing your body (i.e. making it less acidic or raising the pH) creates a less appealing environment for this new coronavirus. Well, it doesn’t. You cannot – and you don’t want to – change the pH of the cells in your body by anything you eat or drink. Your body must tightly regulate the acidity of your blood and cells and will do so at any cost. When it starts to fail at this, your body begins to fail. It’s not consistent with life. There’s no evidence – and it’s even contrary to medical science – that attempting to alkalinize your body through lemon juice or any other means does anything for coronavirus. And biologically speaking, it’s simply nonsense.

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