June 17, 2020

Fact Check: Viral Video of Police Shooting a Dog in the US

Fake Side:

Following the death of George Floyd, anti-racist protests began in May 2020 and continued to spread to several cities in the USA. Amidst this situation, a video is in circulation showing the US police, shooting, and killing a dog that was trying to protect its master, whom the police were arresting.

The title of the video says, “Very sad, dog shows loyalty to his master but killed by police. इस कुत्ते को पुलिस की गोली इसलिए खानी पड़ी क्योंकी वो अपने मालिक के प्रति वफ़ादार था”

Link to the video

The Video is also widely shared on other social media platforms.
Many tweets expressed how painfull and disturbing it was to watch such an incident.

Link to the tweet

True Side:

The case that the video is recent is FALSE.

At the point when the key casings extricated from the video were utilized and a converse picture search was done on Google, we found that the video was available for use on the web from 2013.

The video was shot by a spectator and uploaded on YouTube which created rage in the country. An official shot and executed a Southern California man’s dog after it hopped from an open vehicle window and jumped at officials who were arresting the Rottweiler’s proprietor on doubt of meddling with a SWAT deadlock.

Link to the video

Read the full article here: Link

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