June 28, 2020

Fact Check: Viral Video of Indians rushing down a hill attempting to stop Chinese at the Border

Fake Side:

A short video demonstrating several individuals running down a slope is being circled on different foundation of the web based life with a case that ‘many Indians hurrying to hinder China’s unlawful development on the outskirt with India’

Here are a portion of the cases.

‘No. This is anything but another Brad Pitt zombie film. These are several Indians racing to obstruct #China’s illicit developments in the outskirt with #India. Most recent Beijing move may very well detonate in #XiJinping’s face.’


A Korean website named insight.co.kr also published an article stating that according to the tweets, these are Indian troops heading to the Galwan Valley, a conflict area between China and India. 

This video is being widely shared on other social media platforms.

It was uploaded on a Youtube Channel ‘Xiaofeng Media Goes Global’ with title, ‘No kidding, after watching it for a long time, thought it was a flash flood? In the end, I realized that this was the angry Indian people rushing to the border between India and China! Prevent the CCP from unauthorized.’


True Side:

The above claim that these are Indians going to fight Chinese is FALSE.

As indicated by AFP Fact Check, which likewise exposed this video, it has a place with the Jade mining in Myanmar. In this way, when we performed turn around picture search utilizing the keyframes of the video alongside the watchwords ‘Jade mining in Myanmar’, we found a few outcomes connecting the viral video to the jade mining in Myanmar.

Film by BBC distributed in September 2019, states that countless “foragers” group to the jade mines of Myanmar, taking a chance with their lives in the desire for finding a jewel among the rubble


The was also debunked by Altnews, revealing tha the video is from Tiktok and this explains the Audio Video Mistmatch.

We also found another video which shows similar visuals of people running to get jades in the mining lands.


Thus, the viral video doesn’t have a place with Indian individuals hurrying to battle Chinese however is from Myanmar during the jade mining. The above case is FALSE.

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