August 7, 2020

Fact Check: Have Australian Scientists Claimed that Covid-19 is a “US Government Funded Bioweapon” ??

Fake Side:

A video has been shared on Facebook titled “Coronavirus is a Lab-engineered Bioweapon”, showing a study that Australian Scientists found that COVID-19 is Human-made in a laboratory.

Link to the Video

The thumbnail of the video proceeds to state ‘COVID-19 is a long way from “Counterfeit” it is genuine and lethal. Australian researchers blow the whistle on this US government-financed bioweapon.’

True Side:

The video shows Ben Swann, an American Television anchorperson as the questioner. He runs a site named Truth In Media where he is found in a few recordings talking about different themes.

This video was originally published on this website on July 16, 2020, with the title “TRUTH IN MEDIA WITH BEN SWANN, EPISODE 30: MULTIPLE SCIENTISTS: C0R0NAVLRUS ALTERED IN LAB TO BETTER ATTACH TO HUMANS”.This video incorporates selections from a meeting of Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky broadcast on Australia’s Sky news.

Prof. Petrovsky was interviewed by Sky News about his exploration on the root hypothesis of the novel coronavirus. The group drove by Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Medicine at Flinders University, has proposed that SARS-CoV-2 was likely hereditarily designed that driven the infection normally developing in a animal subject to be viable at appending to human cells.

In the interview published on Sky News website, Prof. Petrovsky confirmed the same. He expressed the speculation that Coronavirus might have been a ‘cell culture experiment ‘ gone wrong. And the main objective of their scientific research to find out the origin of the virus is to try and prevent a future pandemic and there is no political agenda.

In spite of the fact that researchers from Australia are conjecturing that Coronavirus can be a human-made infection, however they are NOT alluding to it as a Bioweapon. In this manner, the case that Australian Scientists alluded to coronavirus as ‘US-Government Funded Bioweapon’ is FALSE.

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