June 17, 2020

Engineering Students. Beware of this Fake Form!


There is a message being passed around with link to a google form allegedly by @AICTE_INDIA, seeking inputs from students of Universities on the conduct of exams

The message on the form reads that it is a feedback form meant to be filled by students of all universities, deemed universities as well as affiliated technical universities and polytechnics. It further said that the information provided by the students would help the council to approach the universities and take action accordingly. The form requires students to fill details in all the fields, including their contact information, which poses a threat to the security of the students since their contact details are being collected by a third party they are not aware of.


AICTE is not conducting any survey on the conduct of university exams. Central government’s PIB Fact Checker has alerted students that a fake message along with a link to a Google form on the said survey is being circulated. According to PIB, there is a Google form that is doing rounds on social media and is being claimed to have been circulated by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The official Twitter handle of AICTE also shared the PIB fact check to assert that it is not conducting any such survey.

A stamp with the word Fake on a message which is being passed around with link to a google form  allegedly by AICTE seeking inputs from students of Universities on conduct of exams

Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/PIBFactCheck/status/1272199946536697857

AICTE Google form: What to do if you have received it?

If you have received this form, do not fill in any information as it could lead to your contact details reaching a scammer. Moreover, inform the sender about the form being fake so that he can in turn, inform other students and prevent them from filling in their details.

Stay Informed!

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