June 17, 2020

2017 Video Passed Off as Deadly India-China Clash at Galwan Valley

Fake Side:

An old video has resurfaced amid the rising tensions between India and China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with multiple social media users claiming that it shows the ‘violent face-off’ between armies of the two countries in the Galwan Valley.

The Indian Army on Tuesday, 16 June, said that a “violent face-off took place” on Monday night with ‘casualties on both sides’ at the Galwan Valley in Ladakh along the disputed India-China border.

The video is being shared on Facebook and Twitter with misleading claims that it is from the clash between India and China which took place at night on Monday, 15 June.

An archived version of the video can be accessed <a href="https://archive.is/SKC5h">here</a>.
Link to the post
An archived version of the video can be accessed <a href="https://archive.is/MC8OK">here</a>.
Link to the post


News website The Print had posted a tweet showing the same video in 2017.

According to the tweet dated 19 August 2017, the video shows ‘Indian & Chinese soldiers clashing at Pangong lake in Ladakh on August 15’.

The same video uploaded by several news outlets like India Today and NDTV. The reports suggested that the video shows a confrontation between Indian and Chinese soldiers near the Pangong Lake in Ladakh on 15 August 2017.

As illustrated, an old video from 2017 is being shared on social media as that from the ‘face-off’ between Indian and Chinese forces on 15 June.

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